Top Ten Tips for You and Your Baby


Here’s Rachel’s top ten tips for you and your baby.


1. Take time to really enjoy your baby, remember that becoming a parent is a wonderful experience even through the ups and downs.
2. Finding a structure for your day will help you to enjoy parenthood.
3. A flexible routine helps your baby to feed well and sleep well.
4. When thinking about what to buy for baby, plan carefully. Don’t be bombarded by marketing!
5. Rest when your baby sleeps – the housework can wait!
6. Remember that breastfeeding can take time to establish, and do ask for help and advice, especially in the early days.
7. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to breastfeed don’t feel guilty about it.
8. Take time over feeds; a full tummy helps your baby to sleep well.
9. Remember that young babies will often cry when they are tired and ready to be tucked up for sleep.
10. Spend time together as parents to foster a loving family environment for your baby.