Nannies FAQ

What experience have your Nannies got?

Our RB’s Nannies are all experienced, have special qualities and importantly have excellent references.  We take great care in the selection of our Nannies which includes a rigorous process to ascertain if they are suitable for us.  RB’s only takes on Nannies whom we consider to be the best as well as having that special quality.

Nanny FAQs

Are they police-checked?

Yes indeed all our Nannies have a DBS certificate or the equivalent from their country.

Do they have a First Aid certificate?

Yes, all have a current paediatric First Aid certificate.

Do they have references?

Yes, we consider references from other parents to be of paramount importance.  All of our Nannies will have excellent written references and RB’s will have verbally verified at least three of them.  References are constantly updated as new ones come in.

How does the process of choosing a Nanny work?

Once you have made contact with us then we will have a telephone call you to discuss everything you need for your Nanny position. We like to find out as much as possible in order to have the best chance to match the right person with you.

We will then find out who is available and then select the Nanny(ies) that we think are most suitable for your position and send you their CVs and written references.   If you are interested we advise the next step being a video-call between you and the Nanny after which ideally you would then both meet in in person. At that you let us know if you wish to proceed or not.

How do I know who is the right Nanny for me?

You can be sure that any of the Nannies that you interview through us will be very experienced and suitable for the role as we try our very hardest to always match the right Nanny with the right family, however it is crucial that you choose someone you feel you will have a great connection with as it is such a personal role having someone working in your home and entrusting your children to them.  This is why we always advise having a video call with potential candidates before, if possible, meeting in person as it makes this easier.   We cannot stress enough how important it is that the client as well as the nanny feels they ‘click’ with each other in order to ensure the best possible relationship and a successful placement.

What do Nannies charge?

Nannies will be employed by the client and their salary or hourly rate various significantly depending on location (London positions command a higher salary), number of children, hours to be worked, experience of nanny etc.  The range for a full-time nanny can be anywhere between £25,000-£100,000 per annum.

What is the fee to Rachel’s Babies?

Rachel’s Babies charges a one-off placement fee of 15% of the gross annual salary of the first year of work or for the duration of the contract if less than one year.  As part of this RB’s keeps in contact with both the family and maternity nurse to ensure all is going well and Rachel is available throughout the placement to the client for any additional support or advice they may need by phone or videocall. 

How do I pay the Nanny?

The client employs the Nanny and will pay them direct weekly or monthly as agreed in the contract which the client should raise.  RB’s has a short contract which the client will also need to sign and the placement fee will be paid by the client direct to RB’s.