What to Expect from a Nanny

A nanny will be live-in or live-out and will work part-time or full-time, so normally up to 5 days a week with weekends off although this is flexible and sometimes they may work at the weekends in lieu of a day-off in the week. Some nannies may work 6 days per week if required. 

A nanny will be very experienced in all aspects of child care and development.

Her energy and ability to connect with the children is quite incredible and she is very naturally able to adapt to what the children enjoy, need and our requests for them.  Vicky brought her own endless supply of toys and sensory posters, games and ideas, she would put even the best nurseries to shame with how much our children developed in just 1 week.

A nanny will be responsible for all the children under their charge and includes all aspects of their care including safety and well-being, cooking and serving nutritious meals, developmental aspects and learning, activities and creative play, taking them to play-dates, clubs, activities, discipline, manners, children’s laundry etc.

Nannies will generally work between 10-12 hours per day although of course shorter days or part-time hours can be agreed. 

Some nannies will be happy to do shared-care (with the parents), others prefer sole-care.

Nannies salaries will either be annual or on a per hour basis.  Salaries vary greatly between positions in the country to jobs in London or overseas. 

The nanny will be employed by the family who will be responsible for deducting at source the employment costs including National Insurance and PAYE tax and adhering to all applicable employment laws and regulations. The client will be responsible for issuing a terms of employment contract.

A nanny will have regular discussions with the parents about all aspects of the children’s care and development.

A nanny is normally happy to be available to do additional hours in the form of baby-sitting etc.

We could not have found a better match for our daughter and our family! Kristina’s passion and dedication for working with children is evident every single day.   She is very caring and loving in all her interactions with our daughter and helped her thrive developmentally as she is very knowledgeable about age appropriate activities.  Her work ethics are exceptional.