Preparing for your new baby with Rachel Waddilove


To suit your availability.


3 hours 

Number of Participants:

Maximum 10 adults

Suitable for:

Parents who are expecting a new baby in the near future.


These take place ideally at a home of one of the participants who organises a group to attend the course. The host participant does not pay the course fee.  Alternatively another venue (eg a hotel) can be used but the venue charges will be passed onto the participants.

Course Content includes:

    • Needs for the nursery
    • What to take to hospital for you and your baby
    • Feeding your baby
    • Problems with breastfeeding
    • Bottle feeding
    • Coming home from hospital
    • General care of your baby
    • Swaddling
    • Sleep
    • Establishing a flexible routine
    • Crying
    • How to teach your baby to settle – both during the day and night
    • How much sleep your baby needs
    • How to get your baby to sleep through the night
    • Introducing solid food
    • Family life

Course fee:

Rachel’s fee – £300 + travel expenses

Tailor-made courses:

We can offer tailor-made courses to suit particular requirements and individual couples.  Please contact us for more information: Lucy Binns: 01460 30151 or 07831 775 022.  Email: