What to Expect from a Maternity Nurse

She will be responsible for the 24 hour care of the baby and all aspects of the baby (including the nursery, baby’s laundry, bottles, sterilisation etc).  She will also be responsible for the care of the mother as well as the rest of the family in terms of integrating the baby into family life and ensuring siblings are involved.

maternity nurse

Most people will have a maternity nurse for 8-12 weeks or sometimes longer although others will have someone just for a few weeks.  If the baby is older it maybe that the maternity nurse is just required for trouble-shooting and so may go in for say for a short stint for example 24/4.

She will be very experienced in all aspects of baby care and will work for 24 hours a day for 5/6 days each week. As such she will live-in with the client. 

Her time off is usually taken at the weekend but can be taken during the week too in discussion with the client.

She needs a break in the day as she works during the night.  Each maternity nurse has their own contract but usually their break is 3 or 4 hours per day which she will take in discussion with the client as to when is the most suitable.

Lydia swooped in to help our 6 month old who was waking multiple times per night. We had established a very loose routine that was baby-led but despite best intentions our little babe was struggling. Within 3 nights Lydia had re-established a routine that was easy to follow and very precise. We had booked her for 3 weeks but the job was pretty much done after 1. She is wildly passionate about what she does and has a wonderful energy in the house. Our older daughter didn’t want her to leave. And neither did I!

She will ensure the mother gets enough rest and support (in all cases but obviously particular care is required after a c-section).

She will help the mother with all aspects of breast-feeding including latching on and advice to ensure a good milk supply.

She will teach you how to self-settle your baby and help you to teach him/her how to sleep well as well as being experienced  with all aspects including tongue tie, reflux, bottle feeding etc.

She will be very used to working in homes with families and will be very discreet and give you time alone as a family. She will know when to disappear and re-appear when required.

Accommodation and food will be provided by the client. The client does not need to cook for the maternity nurse but must have food available for her.  It is up to the client if you wish to eat with your maternity nurse or not

Michelle is a real baby specialist. We were so pleased to have found such a good Maternity Nurse and it made the first 3 months a very enjoyable, memorable time. I had found the newborn stage a real challenge with my first son and it was a totally different experience with Michelle around. She is one in a million and could not have been more kind and generous to the whole family.