Maternity Nurses

Hand-picked Maternity Nurses!

Rachel is available as a maternity nurse and will come to your home and live-in with you to help the parents with the baby.  Rachel will establish a loving routine which will enable your baby to self-settle and sleep through the night. She will also advise you on all baby-related matters.   Maternity nurses can stay with you for just 1 or 2 nights or indeed for weeks or even months!   Rachel’s prices are £340 for 24 hours plus travel expenses.

If Rachel is unable to come and help you, then we also have a team of other hand-picked maternity nurses who work with Rachel’s Babies that we highly recommend. Rachel personally knows each of them and they work along similar lines to Rachel as well as following her methods closely.   We can therefore provide you with a maternity nurse whether it’s short-term or longer term help you require.

Their prices start from £240 per 24 hours and Rachel’s Babies charges an additional placement fee per week or part thereof.

Please contact Lucy Binns for more information and provide as much information as possible so that we can best match you with the right maternity nurse.

If you are an experienced maternity nurse with excellent references and are looking for work do please contact us.


Tel + 44 (0) 1460 30151

Mob + 44 (0) 7831 775 022

For telephone/Skype consultancies with Rachel please visit the Consultancy page.