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Rachel stole a number of headlines in the week of her book’s press date with a major feature in The Daily Telegraph, which was then picked up the same day by the Daily Mail and the Irish Independent, with a piece in The Sun the following day. Marie Claire  and The Express commented on the story the following week. The article was also picked up on websites and in papers around the world, Essential Baby.

Rachel was interviewed on Vanessa Feltz’s show on BBC Radio London the day that the Telegraph piece was published:

Other interviews and features linked to the new book, in the UK and elsewhere, include:

Press Coverage includes:

Rachel is often asked to speak and comment in the media:

ITV News (interview and comment regarding microplastics and baby bottles) – 20 October 2020

BBC Radio West Midlands – (discussion regarding face masks for babies and children) – interview with John Fox (Foxy) – 5 August 2020

BBC 3 Counties Radio – (Home Schooling during Coronavirus) – 25 March 2020

BBC Radio Newcastle – (How we discipline our children) – 17 February 2020

BBC Three Counties Radio – (Flying with babies) – 7 October 2019

BBC Three Counties Radio – (Parenting methods today) – 4 October 2019

BBC Three Counties Radio – (children and screen time) – 13 August 2019

BBC 1 Breakfast News (Live streaming bedtime stories) – 27 April 2019

BBC Radio 5 Live (Live streaming bedtime stories) – 27 April 2019

BBC Radio 2 – Jeremy Vine Show (about screen time for children) – 26 April 2019

BBC Radio 4 – The World This Weekend with Mark Mardell (screen time) – 26 April 2019

BBC Cambridge – (screen time) – 26 April 2019

Three Counties Radio – (screen time) 26 April 2019

Radio London – (screen time) – 25 April 2019

BBC Radio Devon – 1 March 2019

Unilad piece about Kylie Jenner – 6 February 2018

This Morning (ITV) – 2 June 2017

Huffington Post –  2 June 2017

Daily Telegraph – 29 May 2017

BBC World Service – 29 May 2017

Premier Christian Radio (interview with Rachel about crying babies) – 3 April 2017

Exeter Life (article by Laura Dale. Bringing up Baby) – August 2016

Daily Mail (Rachel’s contribution to article on clean-food) – 13 January 2016

Premier Christian Radio (interview with Rachel about sleep) – 4 January 2016

Daily Mail – 28 April 2016

Daily Mail (Rachel’s contribution to US paediatrician’s method to stop baby crying) – 2 December 2015

BBC Radio Ulster (radio interview about a barber in the US who punished his boy by giving him an old man’s haircut!) 6 February 2015

Dubai Eye Parenting Parenting Panel (radio interview on quiet nights) – 18th November 2014

The Handy Bump, Baby & You Guide (Article on your baby and toddler) – 10th October 2014

BBC Radio London Vanessa Feltz Show (Radio interview on children holidaying with friends instead of parents) – 18th July 2014

Radio BBC Tees (Radio interview on modern technology and parenting) – 14th July 2014

Premier Radio (Radio interview on co-sleeping) – 3rd July 2014

BBC Radio 5 Live (Radio interview on children drinking water and eating sugar) – 26th June 2014

BBC Radio 5 Live (Radio interview on NUHT parental advice) – 2nd May 2014

BBC Radio London Vanessa Feltz Show (Radio interview about toilet training) – 1st May 2014

BBC Radio 5 Live (Radio interview about toilet training) – 28th April 2014

Woman to Woman (Radio interview on techniques for children sleeping) – 25th April 2014

BBC Radio Mark Forrest Programme (Radio Interview broadcast across all 39 BBC local radio stations about co-sleeping with baby) – 6th February 2014

Made for Mums (Article on controlled crying technique) – 3rd February 2014

BBC Breakfast (Television Interview) – 29th October 2013

BBC Radio 4 PM (Radio Interview)  – 29th October 2013

BBC West Midlands (Radio Interview)  – 29th October 2013

BBC Coventry (Radio Interview)  – 29th October 2013

Made for Mums  Mom Must Read (Interview on Sleep Solutions) – 16th July 2013

Timeout Dubai (Article on swaddling tips) – 29th April 2013

National Newspaper for Abu Dhabi & Dubai(Article on parenting group sessions) – 5th February 2013

Talk Radio Europe (Radio Interview) – February 2013

98.8 FM Radio with Joan Lea (Radio Interview) – 4th February 2013

Daily Telegraph – Weekend (Article on helping babies sleep through the night) – 4th February 2013

Mail on Sunday(Article on famous mother’s using Rachel’s sleep solutions) – 2nd February 2013

Radio 2  Steve Wright in the Afternoon (Radio Interview with hints and tips on how to help babies sleep) – 31st January 2013

Charles Adler Radio Show (Radio Interview, Canada) – 29th January 2013

The Independent (Discussion Piece on cuddling and controlled crying)- 29th January 2013

Timeout Dubai (Q & A on sleep solutions for children) – 30th December 2012

Timeout Dubai (Article on effects of over-parenting) – 27th February 2011

Timeout Dubai (Article on Kids and TV) – 29th December 2009

Timeout Dubai (A small article on Mum’s Behaving Badly) – 31st March 2009

Timeout Dubai (Article with tips for raising toddlers) – 3rd February 2009

Aquarius Magazine (Q & A on how best to deal with toddlers) – 1st February 2009

Daily Telegraph (Article on Gwyneth Paltrow following Rachel’s advice and direction) – 31st March 2006

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