Expert Baby, Toddler/Young Children Consultancy

Rachel provides a Consultancy and Maternity Nurse Service to parents offering help and advice with newborns, growing babies, toddlers and young children. Rachel is an advocate of a flexible, loving routine and has seen this method work very successfully for many years with her clients’ babies as well as her own children and grandchildren.

This is a personal advice service offered by Rachel and can be done either by phone, videocall or as a home visit. E-mail consultancies are also available but these are generally used for follow-ups. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Please note that we will always answer emails normally within 24-48 hours but sometimes your email may go into our spam folder – so do please ring us to follow-up if you haven’t had a response.

There are three levels of services Rachel can offer:

Home Visit
£95.00 per hour
Hands-On advice including:
Sleep issues
Seeing where baby sleeps and the type of cot, room, temperature etc
Showing parents how to swaddle/tuck baby down
Showing parents how to settle baby
Feeding – both breast and bottle
Children’s behaviour – Rachel can observe how a child is behaving and give advice accordingly
Videocall or Phone Advice
£50.00 per half hour or £90.00 per hour
Personal consultancy advice by videocall or phone
Chat with parents regarding their concerns and issues including:
Sleeping, feeding, behaviour, potty training
Discuss in detail the problems and how to solve them
Establish a plan
Follow-ups as necessary
Maternity Nurse Service
£350.00 per 24 hours
Rachel lives-in with the family
Hands-On advice:
Giving parents confidence with their newborn baby
Getting baby to sleep through the night
Practical care – eg bathing, changing, sleeping, feeding etc
Showing parents how to care for their newborn baby
Price on application
Live-in or Daily
Sleep training
Getting baby on a bottle
Sleep issues

Give the gift of advice and support
with our Gift Vouchers 

Our gift vouchers are a convenient way to give a gift to a loved one.

Vouchers available for:

One hour home visit*: £95
One hour video/phone consultation: £90
30 minute video/phone consultation: £50

*Only available in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset


Please note that travel expenses are in addition (eg travel to and from the location).

Rachel will talk through any problems or concerns and come up with a plan to solve them. For example:

Sleep Issues: including help with getting your baby to sleep through the night and daytime nap/sleep problems

Coping with babies and toddlers of varying ages in the family

Breast feeding
Bottle feeding

Weaning: Breast to bottle
Weaning: Solid food, when does my baby need to start?

Potty Training

Behavioural issues

No problem too big or too small!  With so many years experience Rachel has seen pretty much every type of issue so do please get in contact as she is sure to be able to help.

Email advice also available – usually used for follow-ups (£40 per email).


Rachel can help you prepare for your newborn. This is particularly suitable for first-time parents and wiill give you lots of help, guidance and tips in order to feel ready for your baby’s arrival.


Rachel is happy to live in for a few days or to visit daily (if local) to help parents with their baby. She will care for both, ensuring the mother gets the rest she needs. She will also teach and guide the parents in the general care and feeding of baby and helping to get baby into a flexible, loving routine.  We also have a team of hand-picked very experienced Maternity Nurses so if Rachel is unavailable or you require a Maternity Nurse for a longer period of time please see Maternity Nurse & Nanny Agency.
Rachel will also go into a home where the mother is tired and needs a rest or just a few nights off. Rachel can offer her services on a 24 hour basis or for a few hours during the day; looking after both mother and baby, helping mother with breast/bottle feeding, sleeping and any other aspects of child & babycare. Rachel specialises in teaching parents how to settle their babies into good sleeping patterns and thus ensuring parents also get a good night’s sleep!

Rachel offers tailor-made packages to take parents from ante-natal care to post-natal care ensuring continued support, help and advice throughout the entire time. Rachel can be available to visit in person or to chat through on the phone/videocall any concerns that parents might have, thus ensuring that parents feel secure and safe through those early weeks and months.