Agency Testimonials

About our Maternity Nurses and Nannies 

We have been so impressed by Carli that we have asked her to extend her time with us. She has been a delight to work with this week and is leaving the household in a much calmer state! 

All is fantastic and we absolutely love Caro! 

I honestly don’t know where to begin because I can’t say enough good things about Jen. From the moment she arrived, Jen adapted to our family life/routine seamlessly. It can be tricky having a stranger in your personal space, but with Jen, it was not only super easy, it was a true pleasure.  Somehow, Jen always managed to offer guidance in such a way that never seemed overbearing. She handled every situation with such grace and dignity – we often laughed at how every single one of our guests made a similar comment as to how just being in her presence made them feel calm and happy!   

Caroline is a wonderfully kind, thoughtful, calm, gentle, caring and intuitive professional. She quietly encouraged us and eased the adjustment process of two becoming three. For us she struck the perfect balance between guidance and creating an environment in which we felt able to make decisions ourselves – she always appeared the moment we needed her while also managing to give us the space to learn and enjoy. Most importantly she showed us by example how to create the calm and loving environment in which children thrive. 

Cheyenne was a total godsend. She was a incredibly warm, gentle, experienced and organized maternity nurse, who proved invaluable to our family. She was extremely helpful, thoughtful and gave good advice/guidance where needed. 

Carli is absolutely amazing. Within 30 minutes of walking through the door she had Henry – and us – into a routine. Henry is now calm and settled, and we are learning huge amounts from her. She is also a delightful house guest. Thank you so much for recommending her. Baby care has turned from a nightmare into a pleasure in less than 48 hours! 

Jean arrived with us when our daughter was tiny. We were on our knees due to a complicated birth and breastfeeding journey, feeling very fragile and exhausted. She was absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe what she meant to us through this time. She calmly and lovingly cared for our daughter, comforted me and helped restore some peace and respite to my husband and I. We would have her back for any help in a heartbeat. There are not many people you feel comfortable sharing your home with during the most challenging days of being a first time parent with a new born baby, Jean is the best maternity nurse you could wish for. Her wealth of experience and wonderful natural way with babies shines through. 

Jo has an excellent, intuitive approach to nurturing newborn babies. She is gentle and kind and gives superb support to Mum and Dad. She truly is an expert in her field. Feeding and sleep routines could not have been better managed. Baby is thriving in her care. He is happy, healthy and an absolute joy to the whole family. 

Lydia swooped in to help our 6 month old who was waking multiple times per night. We had established a very loose routine that was baby-led but despite best intentions our little babe was struggling. Within 3 nights Lydia had re-established a routine that was easy to follow and very precise. We had booked her for 3 weeks but the job was pretty much done after 1. She is wildly passionate about what she does and has a wonderful energy in the house. Our older daughter didn’t want her to leave. And neither did I! 

I can’t recommend Mary highly enough, she prepared supper, happily ate hers cold when we had to eat in shifts, constantly discussed cries, feeding, scars, painful boobs, routines, health visitors, midwives, where I thought I would fail and reassure me that what I was doing was just fine. She slotted in as part of our the family with ease and it made my husband feel calm when he went off to work that someone was there to take care of both of us. 

Michelle is a real baby specialist.  We were so pleased to have found such a good Maternity Nurse and it made the first 3 months a very enjoyable, memorable time. I had found the newborn stage a real challenge with my first son and it was a totally different experience with Michelle around. She is one in a million and could not have been more kind and generous to the whole family. 

Nicola came to our family when our son Oscar was approximately six months old. She was a blessing! Nicola was able to fit straight into the family and instantly became an invaluable resource. She was able to immediately bond with Oscar and with our daughter Stella who was nearly 4 years old. She provided invaluable help getting our son up to speed with sleeping routines, feeding solids, eating at the table, and playing independently. We cannot recommend her more. 

We have had the most wonderful week with Sarah and only wish she could have stayed forever. She was just what we needed: really reassuring, incredibly helpful while always respecting our wishes, and so warm and friendly. It is obvious to all how instinctive and confident she is with even the tiniest baby. The whole family and our nanny fell head over heels for her. 

Her energy and ability to connect with the children is quite incredible and she is very naturally able to adapt to what the children enjoy, need and our requests for them. Vicky brought her own endless supply of toys and sensory posters, games and ideas, she would put even the best nurseries to shame with how much our children developed in just 1 week.

We could not have found a better match for our daughter and our family! Kristina’s passion and dedication for working with children is evident every single day. She is very caring and loving in all her interactions with our daughter and helped her thrive developmentally as she is very knowledgeable about age appropriate activities. Her work ethics are exceptional.

About the Agency 

From Parents 

Rachel was amazing in every way. She bought a sense of calm into our house and immediately made me feel more relaxed with my first baby. Rachel helped us to remove the dummy from our 3 month old, implement a good routine which in turned improved feeding, and also supported us with sleep training so that our darling baby boy now sleeps a solid 12 hours through the night and self settles himself to sleep for both naps and night sleep. We couldn’t recommend Rachel more highly enough! Thank you x

Rachels Babies were a lifesaver. We reached out in desperation, had a call within hours and met our maternity nurse/sleep trainer a day later. 

You provide such a wonderful service, thank-you. We were so reassured that help was on its way as soon as we contacted you! 

We love the fact that Rachel’s Babies is a small agency. It makes such a difference!  You knew exactly the kind of person we wanted and got it exactly right!  Sarah was perfect. 

Thank you for all you have done in finding us the most wonderful maternity nurse. We feel very lucky to have had such a brilliant experience. 

We so appreciated you keeping in contact with us during the placement, it was very reassuring to know that you were there for us throughout. 

About the Agency 

From Maternity Nurses & Nannies 

I love working with a small, friendly agency, it is a totally different experience to working with a big agency where it doesn’t feel personal at all. 

Rachel’s Babies really cares and takes the time and trouble to match me to the right position. It’s a brilliant agency and that’s why I always recommend you! 

Thank you for Rachel’s support during this placement. It is amazing to know she is on hand if I just want to check something with her.