Baby Sleep Consultant

Rachel’s Babies offers a Baby Sleep Consultancy service with our founder, Rachel Waddlove. Rachel is a renowned baby and child expert with over 40 years experience as a maternity nurse. She is also an author having written many parenting books including sleep solutions for babies.

What is a Baby Sleep Consultant and how can you help me?

baby sleep consultant

A Baby Sleep Consultant is an expert on babies and sleep issues. Rachel has had many years of advising and helping parents both in their homes and by video/phone calls. In fact, she is probably the most experienced baby sleep expert in the UK, if not the world!

She will gather all the information from you (baby’s age, weight, any medical issues, current feeding patterns, breast or bottle etc) and then give you a clear plan which will help your baby to sleep not only at night but during day-time naps too. She will show you how to get your baby into a loving routine which allows you as parents to have a proper night’s sleep too and your baby will become happy and contented.

Often parents find Rachel’s Babies during a middle of the night google search when they are at their most desperate! Parents become so exhausted through a lack of sleep and often have already tried a maze of differing methods, listened to many well-meaning opinions from friends, health visitors, mid-wives, family, and delved into any number of baby sleep books and online forums.

However, help is here though Rachel’s Babies. Rachel offers practical, sensible and attainable advice within a loving routine that really works and has been proven to do so time and time again.

What are the benefits?

baby asleep in cot

Sleeping well as babies sets a crucial foundation for sleep for life. Babies that sleep well become good sleepers as toddlers and then as children and onwards into adult life. Studies show they perform better at school. Then there’s the parents…..We all know parents who haven’t had a full night’s sleep for months if not years but it’s not sustainable for them, for their relationship, work life and for the rest of the family. With enough sleep most things seem possible, without it most things seem impossible!

sleeping baby

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys and also one of the greatest challenges in life. Babies don’t come with an instruction book and it’s really important to reach out for expert help when needed. The sooner you get babies sleeping well and into a good routine the easier it is. Once they become older it gets a little trickier as they develop bad sleeping habits but Rachel is still able to help sort the issues as she has seen them all before!

What is the cost?

Rachel’s Babies offers ½ hour or 1 hour consultancies with Rachel Waddilove. The cost is £50 for ½ hour and £90 for 1 hour. We recommend 1 hour for the first consultancy as it gives time for Rachel to get all the background information and if you don’t need to use it all then we keep the remaining minutes on credit to use another time. However if you prefer 1/2 hour that is also fine.

We offer Gift Vouchers 

Our consultancy gift vouchers are a really lovely and convenient way to give a truly thoughtful and helpful gift to friends and family. All new parents, as well as experienced parents, need help and advice at some point along their parenting journey and Rachel is able to advise on all issues to do with babies and young children.

Vouchers available for:

One hour home visit*: £95
One hour video/phone consultation: £90
30 minute video/phone consultation: £50

*Only available in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset


Just contact us at or on +44 1460 30151 to let us know how long you’d like and to book your call. We ask for payment upfront but can react very quickly and normally the consultancy can be done within 48 hours!

Live-In Maternity Nurses

We also have a team of the best and loveliest hand-picked maternity nurses who are available to come into your home if you prefer to have someone there to help you with sleep issues. They normally work 24/5 or 24/6 and can be taken on for a short period of say 1 week or for longer periods eg 2 months, 3 months or more! Contact us at if you would like to consider this as we will need to get as much information from you as possible in order to match the right maternity nurse to you. That is always our goal to find the perfect match as it is such a personal role having a maternity nurse living in your home.