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Rachel is the author of four practical, down-to-earth books, which utilise her experience as a baby care expert and baby sleep expert:

Sleep Solutions: Quiet Nights for You and Your Child

The Baby Book : How to Enjoy Year One

The Toddler Book: How to Enjoy Your Growing Child

The Baby Book Journal

All three books are published in paperback by Lion Hudson. See more details on each book below.


This is the cover of Rachel’s new book The Baby journal. This lovely hard back book is now in the shops and goes well with the new revised Baby book. What a great Christmas present this makes for any couple with a new baby

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The Baby Book: How to Enjoy Year One Rachel Waddilove

The Baby Book by Rachel Waddilove. Published in paperback by Lion Hudson 


Rachel draws on her considerable professional and personal experience, to advise new and expectant parents on everything they need to know about looking after a baby in its first year.

Practical issues are covered leading up to the time baby arrives, such as the nursery, what is required and coming home from hospital. It also covers issues such as bottle versus breast, how to establish a routine with your baby, dealing with crying and how to get your baby to sleep through the night

In addition to the wealth of practical information given, Rachel also considers the emotional and social aspects of becoming parents.

Rachel’s down-to-earth style and experience make ‘The Baby Book’ an essential guide for parents new and experienced who want a happy, healthy start to family life.

“May well be the most sensible book ever written on how to bring up a baby.”
The Observer

“For sensible, practical advice look no further than The Baby Book. Author Rachel Waddilove…has plenty of know-how to share.”
Inspire Magazine

“The wisest book about families I have ever read.”
Daily Telegraph

“A calm, level-headed ream of advice from someone who has seen it all before…if you’d like a maternity nurse and can’t afford one, this book isn’t a bad substitute! “
Home & Family

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Look out for my new revised edition of The Baby book, that will be in the shops in March 2016. You will find there is lots more information on feeding and moving on to solid food as well as additions to other chapters. Will keep you posted as to the books publication. xx

Sleep Solutions by Rachel Waddilove.  Published in paperback by Lion Hudson

One issue dominates the lives of many new parents…sleep. Why won’t their baby sleep? What is the best position to put him down in, and is  swaddling the answer? Are monitors – or even dummies – a good idea? What about the mother’s need for sleep – or the father’s, and the rest of the family? And how does the situation change when the baby is older, say three to six months, or coming up for a year? What are the sleep needs of a toddler, or an older child? And how should parents manage when the whole routine is thrown into the air, because the baby is teething, or has been ill?

In this accessible and practical book, Rachel Waddilove gives the answers. In a clear, no-nonsense and straightforward way, she shows parents how to take back control. Babies need to sleep: adults need to sleep as well. Her advice will ensure peaceful nights for the entire family.

“When I was a brand new mother, I was overwhelmed! Rachel has a calmness, and knowledge about babies and children, that not only helped me soothe and ease the journey for me son, but also for me! Her tips and advice are invaluable.”
Minnie Driver

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The Toddler Book by Rachel Waddilove. Published in paperback by Lion Hudson 

Following the hugely successful, ‘The Baby Book’, ‘The Toddler Book’ follows a child’s development between 12 – 36 months.

Written in Rachel’s informative yet friendly style, the book is essential for any parent, experienced or not, who wants to approach the terrible twos stage with confidence and a smile.

As with ‘The Baby Book’, Rachel shares a wealth of practical information, dealing with issues such as potty training, establishing good sleeping habits and feeding your toddler, as well as more complex issues such as how to prepare your toddler for a new brother or sister and ways to manage difficult toddler behaviour.

“What a wonderful book – this has helped me so much through the demanding toddler years – I have frequently referred to it when having to deal with tantrums, sleep issues and eating problems.  It is written in such a practical and down-to-earth way – a must for any parent.”
Caroline, mother of 3

“A refreshingly realistic guide to raising toddlers.”

The Daily Telegraph

“Rachel Waddilove offers essential advice on the toddler years, on everything from potty training to the all-important sleep!”
Publishing News

“This book is a treasure trove of information addressing all aspects of childcare and development including the common problem areas such as behaviour, sleep and feeding….the book is written with a real warmth and an encouraging practical style drawing upon Rachel’s wealth of experience gained over many years.”
Hazel Curtis, Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust