How to Swaddle a Baby

Watch Rachel show you how to swaddle a baby correctly.

I am now going to show you how to swaddle your baby.

Take a large muslin or shawl and fold it in half to make a triangle shape.

Lay the swaddle blanket either in the middle of your bed or on a table. If you put it on a table lay a thick blanket on the table first so that it is a softer surface to swaddle baby on.

Take baby and lay him on his right hand side in the middle of the swaddle blanket with his little head just over the top of the blanket.

Lay his arm nearest to you, this will be his left arm, down so that it lies parallel to his body and bring the right side of the blanket up over his body and his arm and tuck the blanket in under his body.

His other arm, his right arm, tuck into him so that he can have his fingers near his mouth in case he wants to suck his thumb or fingers.

Bring the left side of the blanket up and over his body and tuck right round him so he is tight and secure.

He is then ready to be tucked down into his cot or pram.

This method of swaddling leaves his hips and legs free, as the swaddle is not tight over his lower body. The swaddle should be firm and secure over his shoulders.

You will find that your baby will sleep for longer periods if he has a full tummy and is swaddled in his cot.