Top Ten Tips for You and Your Toddler

1. Be a positive parent, enjoy the fun times with your toddler as much as you can.
2. Toddler tantrums are inevitable; remember other parents go through just the same experiences.
3. Toddlers can be exhausting, ensure that you make time for yourself regularly.
4. Spend time with other parents and toddlers to keep your toddler busy, active and happy.
5. If you spot a tantrum coming, use distraction whenever you can to diffuse frustration.
6. Almost all toddlers have a dramatic drop in their appetite at some time, this is perfectly normal so try not to worry, just offer smaller portions.
7. Offer a good variety of foods to your toddler and don’t be put off trying again another day if your toddler refuses a certain food.
8. Have a winding down routine every evening with tea, bath and story time to enable your child to settle and sleep well.
9. Toddlers can become unsettled and wake at night for a number of reasons. If this happens try not to worry, just reassure him and tuck him back to bed.
10. Affirm each other as parents so that you’re working together to love your toddler.