Coming home from hospital

When coming home from hospital you may feel completely overwhelmed due to your delivery or just total exhaustion, or just coming home with your new precious baby. Don’t worry its perfectly normal to feel like this, and it will pass. However you may feel euphoric and feel you can cope with whatever…….but do remember that emotions can be all over the place after giving birth… and it’s ok!

A little list of things that don’t matter:

Give yourself permission to…

  • Have a good cry
  • Walk around in your dressing gown all day
  • Not have an immaculately clean house
  • Not get the ironing done
  • Allow your friends to help around the house
  • Leave your baby in her sleep suit all day
  • Go back to bed in the morning if you’re tired.
  • Feed in bed with feet up
  • Express milk so that someone else can feed
  • Make some space for you to do something for yourself
  • Not go back to work to soon
  • Give your tummy time to return to pre pregnancy size
  • Have realistic expectations about your recovery

Becoming a parent is a huge milestone in your lives and don’t worry about any feelings of uncertainly it will pass and you will feel more settled. If you have a bad day put it behind you and start again tomorrow!

Please do get in touch if you feel you’re struggling with having a new baby or maybe baby is a few months old and you feel you need help. Sometimes just chatting things through with someone you trust can really help.