“When I was a brand new mother, I was overwhelmed! Rachel has a calmness, and knowledge about babies and children, that not only helped me soothe and ease the journey for me son, but also for me! Her tips and advice are invaluable.”
Minnie Driver

“Rachel’s flexible yet structured routine was just the thing for our daughter…Rachel’s advice on everything from breastfeeding to parenting was invaluable.”
Gwyneth Paltrow

“These are not empty words, Rachel has been a wonderful gift to me in my first week of motherhood. Not only does she settle you into a routine and help with all aspects of looking after a new born, she has also instilled confidence and strength in me as a first time mum. Rachel was a joy to have within our family home and we will miss her incredibly, for myself  with no other close help she became a friend and mother figure that I will cherish forever.”  Ruth

“My daughters are very grateful for the comfort they have already found in Rachel’s calm and sensible advice through her very ‘readable’ and enjoyable books.”
Bobby Sutton

“Rachel stayed with us when we had both of our children, first in 1998 in the UK, then in 2001 in Hong Kong. Rachel was calm, confident, got us all into a great routine in no time, and helped me settle into motherhood. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“Antenatal classes only take you up to day one and breastfeeding. Rachel’s classes are so much more useful as you learn about coping, washing, weaning, sleeping through the night, parenting and so much more. Rachel’s advice is invaluable.”
Suzanna, mother of Ollie

“Rachel is like a calming fairy godmother who brings clarity, happiness and calm to a home seriously lacking in all those things. She provides an unwavering support both in person, on the phone or by email, and I never felt any scrap of judgment on her part. She gives practical advice, and you have real confidence in what she says. Rachel is, without doubt, superb at what she does.”

“I just wanted to thank you again. This morning I felt so confident and assured by the advice you gave us, I am excited to see the outcomes over the next few weeks. You are the best peace of mind a mother could get. You should sell insurance!!”

Your visit was just what we needed – Laura is now sleeping through the night and finally we feel human again! I cannot thank you enough. Just having you here for a few hours was invaluable.”

“I found your kind, knowledgeable and loving approach such a breath of fresh air that both Jessica and I soared through our first year.”

“Your visit was just what we needed, we were at the end of our tether due to lack of sleep – exhaustion was winning! Your calm, kind and caring approach to Ava was really appreciated. Ava loved having you here as did we, there was no awkwardness at all you just fitted right into our little family. We cannot thank you enough for the help and support, Ava is now self settling and sleeping longer at night. My confidence has increased and it’s great to know we have sound practical advice to follow going forward and you are always at the end of a phone if we need you.”

“Ethan sleeps through from 7pm until 6.15am now without a peep. I’m so grateful, thank you. I feel strong and in control for the first time in 5 years!!!”

“I wanted to write to say that your book was just what we needed as first time parents. Our little boy Jackson was born 11th August weighing 6lb 12oz and being Mum is lovely. Jackson is almost six months old now, he goes to bed like a dream and is a happy little chap with a relaxed and happy Mum. I have recommended your book and will definitely be getting your other books too.”

“I had battled with Olivia (8 months) waking up in the night since we had dropped the 10pm feed two months earlier, but one conversation with Rachel changed all that. Rachel is very confident and informed whilst being very warm and understanding – in one call she gave me the strength to try some controlled crying on my own. She gave me her home and mobile number for support but with her encouragement I tried it and Olivia only took about 20 minutes to settle herself! One call with Rachel is all it took – she is a wonderful lady and I haven’t even met her!!”

“I just wanted to email you and say a massive ‘thank you’! You’ve never met
me before but I was given your books by my mother when my daughter was born
2 years ago after she read a piece about you in The Telegraph written by a
childhood friend of ours. Despite being gifted with an amazing child who
was/is full of joy and wonder at life, I knew from the start her sleeping
would be tricky as she seemed to inherited my husband’s instinct to not want
to ‘miss anything’ and my natural light sleeping tendencies. I followed your
books sleep training and routines despite the tears and tantrums on both our
parts ( some days she took 2 hrs to give in, and this was at 3 weeks!). She
has been an amazing sleeper and happy child since. We finally reached the
‘climbing out of cot’ stage at the beginning of this week (I’m amazed it
didn’t happen sooner!) and it’s been a real test of the routine we’ve
developed. But I am so pleased I took your advice, and so proud of my
daughter! We’ve had a couple if sleep deprived nights but they we’re because
of reasons of my failings (no bar in bed so falling out, running out of
pampers so leaky nappy). She hasn’t had to be put back to bed more than once
at the beginning of the night and, tonight (4 days in) she took 25 mins to
settle herself, but did not get out of bed at all!!
Once again, I honestly don’t know (or even want to imagine!!) what our lives
would be like without your sensible and practical advice. I can not
recommend you highly enough!
So many thanks again!

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