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 Thursday 13th March   Out of the Blues     Venue to be confirmed   10.30am

 Sunday    16th March    Favourite Things    Dubai Marina Mall             10.30am

 Sunday    16th March    Apple Seeds           Gold and Dymond Park  3.30pm

Monday   17th March    Lime Tree cafe        Al Quoz    6.00 pm   

 Rachel will also be doing home visit consultancies whilst she is in Dubai.  Please contact Joanne  at to book.

I’m a mother and a grandmother with over forty years experience as a maternity nurse, child-care expert, parental adviser and author. Helping parents to look after their babies and young children is my passion and I provide a Consultancy and Maternity Nurse Service offering help and advice with newborns, growing babies and toddlers. I am a huge advocate of creating a flexible, loving routine and have seen this method work very successfully for many years with my clients’ babies as well as with my own children and grandchildren.

Click on the Consultancy page to find out more about the different levels of help and advice I can provide; from the basic level of email help and telephone calls to a 24-hour maternity nurse.

And as a quick-fix - read my top tips for babies and toddlers below – and remember - as a parent you’re doing the most valuable and important job you will ever do in bringing up your children. Don’t underestimate the value of your time, love and care in helping your child to be secure in an ever-changing world.

Love, Rachel xx

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Top Ten Tips for You and Your Baby


Take time to really enjoy your baby, remember that becoming a parent is a wonderful experience even through the ups and downs.


Finding a structure for your day will help you to enjoy parenthood.


A flexible routine helps your baby to feed well and sleep well.


When thinking about what to buy for baby, plan carefully. Don’t be bombarded by marketing!


Rest when your baby sleeps – the housework can wait!


Remember that breastfeeding can take time to establish, and do ask for help and advice, especially in the early days.


If, for whatever reason, you are unable to breastfeed don’t feel guilty about it.


Take time over feeds; a full tummy helps your baby to sleep well.


Remember that young babies will often cry when they are tired and ready to be tucked up for sleep.


Spend time together as parents to foster a loving family environment for your baby.

Top Ten Tips for You and Your Toddler


Be a positive parent, enjoy the fun times with your toddler as much as you can.


Toddler tantrums are inevitable; remember other parents go through just the same experiences.


Toddlers can be exhausting, ensure that you make time for yourself regularly.


Spend time with other parents and toddlers to keep your toddler busy, active and happy.


If you spot a tantrum coming, use distraction whenever you can to diffuse frustration.


Almost all toddlers have a dramatic drop in their appetite at some time, this is perfectly normal so try not to worry, just offer smaller portions.


Offer a good variety of foods to your toddler and don’t be put off trying again another day if your toddler refuses a certain food.


Have a winding down routine every evening with tea, bath and story time to enable your child to settle and sleep well.


Toddlers can become unsettled and wake at night for a number of reasons. If this happens try not to worry, just reassure him and tuck him back to bed.


Affirm each other as parents so that you’re working together to love your toddler.

It’s so easy to get help and advice via my website, just explore and you can learn more about what I offer.

Please contact Rachel through Lucy Binns at Big Ape Media if you would like further information.

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Praise For Rachel

"Rachel is like a calming fairy godmother who brings clarity, happiness and calm to a home seriously lacking in all those things. She provides an unwavering support both in person, on the phone or by email, and I never felt any scrap of judgement on her part. She gives practical advice, and you have real confidence in what she says. Her help as had a life changing impact on myself, my children and my husband. Clearly we all still have our moments, as any mother does with young children, but those moments are now just part of an otherwise happy and successful day. Rachel is, without doubt, superb at what she does." Jo

"My daughters are very grateful for the comfort they have already found in Rachel's calm and sensible advice through her very 'readable' and enjoyable book." Bobby Sutton

"Ethan sleeps through from 7pm until 6.15am now without a peep. I'm so grateful, thank you. I feel strong and in control for the first time in 5 years!!! "

"I had battled with Olivia (8 months) waking up in the night since we had dropped the 10pm feed two months earlier, but one conversation with Rachel changed all that. Rachel is very confident and informed whilst being very warm and understanding – in one call she gave me the strength to try some controlled crying on my own. She gave me her home and mobile number for support but with her encouragement I tried it and Olivia only took about 20 minutes to settle herself – I am so cross I didn’t try it earlier as since that first night I have had unbroken sleep for 4 out of 5 nights! On the 5th night I heard Olivia, but again it took so little time for her to settle herself that I didn’t even get out of bed. One call with Rachel is all it took - she is a wonderful lady and I haven’t even met her!!"

"Rachel’s flexible yet structured routine was just the thing for our daughter….....Rachel’s advice on everything from breastfeeding to parenting was invaluable."
Gwyneth Paltrow

“The wisest book about families I have ever read.”
Daily Telegraph

“May well be seen as the most sensible book ever written on
how to bring up a baby.”

The Observer

"A refreshingly realistic guide to raising toddlers."
The Daily Telegraph

"Rachel Waddilove offers essential advice on the toddler years, on everything from potty training to the all-important sleep!"

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