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About Me

The eldest of six children, so I grew up in a home where it seemed that there were always babies and young children around.


I provide baby sleep & feed consultancy & Maternity Nurse service to parents offering help & advice with newborns, growing babies, toddlers & young children.

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The author of three practical, down-to-earth books, which utilise my experience as a baby care expert and baby sleep expert.


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Baby Sleep Expert

Having children doesn't have to be stressful
About me

I’m a mother and a grandmother with over forty years experience as a baby sleep expert, maternity nurse, child-care expert, parental adviser and author. As a baby sleep expert, I get to fulfil my passion of helping parents to look after their babies and young children. I provide a Consultancy and Maternity Nurse Service offering help and advice with newborns, growing babies and toddlers. I am a huge advocate of creating a flexible, loving routine and have seen this method work very successfully for many years with my clients’ babies as well as with my own children and grandchildren. Click on the Consultancy page to find out more about the different levels of help and advice I can provide; from the basic level of email help and telephone calls to a 24-hour maternity nurse. And as a quick-fix - read my top tips for babies and toddlers below – and remember - as a parent you’re doing the most valuable and important job you will ever do in bringing up your children. Don’t underestimate the value of your time, love and care in helping your child to be secure in an ever-changing world.

Love, Rachel xx


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